MUSIC BOX (2013 Version)

Written, Filmed, Directed & Edited by:
Director Rorne Tan

Toby Patrick Damson who divorced his wife, Caren Larson Lee, 10 years ago due to his illicit affair with a mistress suddenly died of drowning while searching for a heart shaped coral rock in Similan Islands. When the news came to his ex-wife, Caren, it became clear to her that Toby never forgot his promise to her. The promise to find her a heart shaped coral rock even after their divorce. Touched and confused by Toby’s true love that was kept from her for 10 years, Caren decided to go to Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island to search for the music box that Toby had buried and hidden in the sand. The music box was Caren’s valentine gift from Toby 13 years ago. Sadly while she was on the way to Phi Phi Island, disaster striked...